Xbox One Help: Game Stuck On Black Screen

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Paging #GetSome Xbox One Tech Support…

 The Issue:

Several #GSEG’ers ran into a major error with their Xbox One’s as they were just about ready to dive into the latest COD Onslaught map pack.  Upon updating their games they selected the game from the Xbox One home menu and waited for it to load up.  The initial Call of Duty: Ghosts Game image filled the screen and seemed like it was right on track till the ill fated BLACK SCREEN FREEZE!  After waiting for over five minutes for the game to began, we quickly sprang in to action and found a solution.

 The Solution:

1. The game is frozen on the black screen but you can still access your home and party chats generally.  Tell your clan you’ll be back in a few minutes.

2. Go to your console.  Hold your finger on the power button for over twenty five seconds.  watch your power brick on the back of the box.  You will see the light turn orange.

3. When you see the light turn orange or the time has passed remove your finger and the box should restart automatically.  If it does not start and load to the Xbox One green start up power it on by reapplying pressure to the Xbox One power pad.

4. Now retry loading the game the was frozen.  If it does not work proceed to step 5.

5. Turn off your Xbox One and once the power light is off unplug the power brick from the back of the console.  Leave it disconnected for over one minute.

6.  Reconnect the power brick and power on the console.

7. Reattempt to load the original game that would not load.  At this point your game should now be functioning.  If not give Billy Gates and friends a call at Microsoft Xbox Support.

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