Telltale’s The Walking Dead: 400 Days

POSTED BY admin July 11, 2013 in The Walking DeadXbox, Xbox One,

One of our earlier reviewed games was the Telltale Series chapter one entitled: The Walking Dead. We reviewed this game via the Xbox 360 Console. While we found the story and graphics to be interesting and entertaining, it was completely ruined by the fact that it lagged and froze throughout the entire game and at multiple times crashed. This obviously caused serious game rage and ended our experiment into the game.

We had a Zircom1, a dedicated PC gamer, try it out again as a PC game and he loved it. This told us that it was not really intended for the consoles but targeted to the PC industry.

Fast forward to this week. The next episode of the Telltale The Walking Dead is upon us! And word in the industry is that is is great as well as interesting as the story unfolds. The next release is entitled 400 Days and is made up of 5 different chapters. This choose your own adventure type game allows you to follow the paths of five different survivors ans each one has made it through the first 400 days of the Zombie Apocalypse. Each chapter is a gripping tale that lets you dive into the 30 minute saga. And while it is only a 1.5-2 hour game, it’s just enough zombie and The Walking Dead story to keep you wanting more. You can order the 400 Days chapters as of July 3!

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