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One of the most interesting thing to the team here at GSEG was the announcement of a unique Esport league that would be holding its first initial meetings at the 2017 TwitchCon that would take place at the Long Beach Convention Center fall 2017.

The H1Z1 Pro League (H1PL) was announced as a player first focused league that was spawned out of the great success seen on the nationally televised Fight For the Crown on the WB channel earlier this year.

The team at Twin Galaxies announced the formation of the league and invited all interested players and Orgs to join them in their meetings to discuss what was to come. With that being, we were surprised by the intent responsiveness from the managing staff and the great communication we received prior and during the event.

While everyone knows of the funding structure and real investment being made into the success of the first season, we can’t help but being excited about the potential opportunity, whether invited to join or not, that the H1PL has!

From our perspective we offer our five suggestions to the great team at the H1PL/Twin Galaxies group to strengthen the launch and success of the first season of the H1PL.

  1. Target the website to have robust stats, data and player information. Regular posts made daily for content and SEO benefit in on the blog will strengthen your keyword rankings in search an give you brand control in search with included targeted info on your participating Orgs and Players. This is a new brand and a good foundation of content, links and creative on your site will quickly strengthen your start.
  2. Expand your audience with similar interest groups. Grow the 25-40 year old demographic by audience targeting their entertainment media. We would suggest targeting the Nerdist Podcast and News site as well as their YouTube channel entertainment. Advertising on the podcast that has hundreds of thousands of weekly listeners interested in shared demographics including gaming. They have passionate knowledgeable hosts and staff that know what they are talking about and Jessica Chobot was a host for the FFTC and is a known commodity. Which leads us to the next suggestion…
  3. Hire Jessica Chobot as a host/Brand Evangelist for any H1PL television events and promotional. Look to also strengthen the hosting staff by thoroughly vetting any potential hosts as well as guests in relationship to the H1PL. We all know that last recent “incidents” that have come up. Invest in quality and it will show in your productions.
  4. Offer past event productions to be available for a season pass of $5 offering each event, weekly league battles or specials to be available as a add on feature for fans and players to stream all events. Include some sort of League Pass Skin or Crate to add value.
  5. Create a Hoodie and Pants combo for each team that is available for $5 so that fans can rep their teams in game and share their hype. Work with each Org to make sure the look truly reps the team and fan base. Incentive Orgs to promote by all net sales of items paid to the Org.

While there are more suggestions and ideas that will come, we thought we would share these to start with. We want to see the success of the league and believe in the goals that are being set by their team. Player focused, professionally represented Esports at its best.

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