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POSTED BY admin November 11, 2015 in Forza 7
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One of the joys and frustrations of playing Forza 5 is the in depth tuning options available when building your vehicle. Usually fans fall in to two categories; those that relish the experience of tuning and spend hours tweaking their cars for every track individually, and those that just want to go race immediately and not worry about spinning out and crashing. A new app from FlameFront Studios, titled ForzaTune, aims to assist tuning noobs, but it also has some helpful features for more experienced players as well.

Tuning is where art meets science and although there have been many apps, calculators, and guides over the years, the best way to tune your car is to get it out on the track, drive the hell out of it, analyze the telemetry, and see what kind of results you can get when you push your car. If you already have the knowledge and patience to do this, the ForzaTune app can speed up the process by providing a decent base tune. And if you don’t have the patience or knowledge, this tune will at least keep you from wrecking your car on most tracks, or ramming friends and ruining relationships.

The app primarily consists of two features, a gearing calculator, and a calculator for just about everything else. While it is all part of tuning a car, having the gearing calculator separate is a nice addition and one of the features that experienced tuners will benefit from. This part of the app is a little bit tricky due to the process of finding the necessary inputs in Forza 5, but the result is a solid gearing setup that requires only minor tweaking, usually just to the final drive ratio.

The calculator also provides tire pressure, camber, toe, castor, roll bar, springs, and differential settings. For the most part, these are spot on, but there are a few things to manually review and adjust. The negative camber settings seem a little excessive and don’t seem to change depending on input. This can quickly be verified by taking a few laps around a track and reviewing the tire temperatures. If the inside of the tires are colder than the outside, increase negative camber, if the inside is hotter, decrease negative camber. Some of the other settings are a little subjective (low brake pressure, fairly high acceleration diff, etc.), but are a good starting point for doing your own tuning. But the bottom line is that you can take almost any vehicle in any class and tune it up to at least be able to stay in a race. It is awesome for trying out new cars or quickly making a tune for a challenge or rival, but don’t expect leaderboard busting performance.

ForzaTune is available for both Android and iPhone. It does cost $1.99, but is well worth the price. Try it out today and see if it helps improve your Forza 5 performance.

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