VIDEO: “Zircom1” digs for diamonds on Black Ops 2!

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Roll with #GetSome Elite Gaming’s Zircom1 as he goes through every challenge in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 shotgun classes in order to get diamond camouflage for his entire set of shotguns. Zircom1 is a monster and rampaged through the challenges in no time with deadly force!

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A few tips from Zircom1 when trying to obtain diamond camouflage:

Going for diamond camo can be exhilarating and equally frustrating, especially when the challenge for a particular camo seems ill-suited to the gun. Here are a few tips from my recent run getting diamond shotguns. And don’t even think of boosting; we will report! #PlayLegitOrGoHome

· Join hardcore games to get one hit kills. Yes, some people may find the gameplay more challenging, but a shotgun with long barrel has a ridiculous one hit kill range on hardcore.

· Beef up a secondary weapon, load up on grenades, and go for the Cherry Blossom and Art of War camo simultaneously. This saves a lot of time!

· I found objective games the easiest place to get bloodthirsty medals. Just don’t be an asshole and not at least attempt to help out with the objectives though.

· Don’t prestige your character or weapons until you finish! Waiting to re-unlock weapons or wasting a prestige token really stretches this process out.

· Stop worrying about your K/D. Yes, you can have great games while going for the last few camos, but you will hit difficult games or players that adapt to you focusing on one weapon class. Just push through and then get your sweet reward at the end with your diamond camo weapons!

· AGAIN, DON’T CHEAT OR BOOST! You can get diamond camo and weapon calling cards by just putting in the time. Don’t be like these 2 boosting turd gobblers we caught the other night! #GetSome

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