Titanfall Release Starts With a #Fail

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT March 11, 2014 in TitanfallXbox, Xbox One,
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It’s the night of Titanfall. The new venture into the multi-player that showed great promise has had a bit of a hiccup right out of the gate. In fairness the game play we are seeing is pretty epic for speed and creativity.  Looking forward to the issues fixed over the next few days. Below you’ll see the official statement from the Titanfall Facebook:

Titanfall Facebook-
We’re aware that some users may have experienced early issues on PC and Xbox One. We’ve just pushed a patch that’s now recovering servers quickly. Players will load into Private Lobbies much faster and we’re continuing to monitor.Thanks for sticking with us on launch night, we appreciate your support! ‪#‎Titanfall‬

While we love the game play and have been stoked to get a start on this game, several #GSEG team members have been waiting for the kinks of a new game to be worked out. It looks like as of 1AM PST there is already a new patch from the Titanfall team hoping to correct and fix server errors and they have noted that the crashed servers are being revived. This issue affects both Xbox One and PC gaming. Were this to be a Call Of Duty server issue we would be upset but its a first run game so they get a pass from #GetSome Elite Gaming… for now! Look for our full review of Titanfall later this week!

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