Xbox One: Best Multiplayer?

POSTED BY DirtyMoney August 10, 2014 in XboxXbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One Support,
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Alright, alright, alright good buddies.  Ya’ll didn’t think Microsoft would let a moment go buy where they would let their gamers start to doubt the machine and its flock starting to grow weary of each other did you? This Summer is perhaps what some might call, “the lonely planet,” which is what we deem the lack of interest by the gaming crowd to stay on the box.  I know, they want us to remember that the “best multi-player experience” is on Xbox Live but… have you been on Xbox One lately?  *crickets*

Its a ghost land due to a rushed production date and lack of games available to feed the masses.  Ghosts never fully caught on and we fell asleep on Titanfall after a couple weeks. I know you have all kinds of new things in Titanfall! Sorry.  The game was only really half a game and Most copies from #GSEG hit the Gamespot Trade in wall before any expansion was released.  But its cool.  Microsoft can pay Billy Bob to remind us all about the multi-player experience that used to exist on the box.  Maybe it will hold us over till Destiny, which we feel will breathe new life into the Xbox One and bring the gamers back.after this dead summer. 

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