World War Z & the State of “Zombie Gaming”

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT June 5, 2013 in Zombies
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THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING! Alright now that we have gotten that out of our system lets have a chat. Its pretty serious and you may not like what you hear but we need to be honest. With the success of the rebirth of the Zombie apocalypse we have seen Zombies more mainstream than we ever have! Especially now with the latest film, World War Z, about to premiere with criticism already we may be seeing the back end of the Zombie rise in modern culture.

The Walking Dead AMC series, Game of Thrones (yes the white walkers are coming) and a various slough of films and a variety of movies, including Zombieland which was a great flick, all have pushed the realm of the Zombie back into the mainstream… but at what cost.
When Hollywood gets a hold on a trend they tend to latch on to it and milk it till it’s dry… how you ask? Over saturation to try and find success on the coattails of others, cheap productions just to catch people’s eyes, and of course the gaming industry.

The gaming industry has had decent success in the past with the obvious hits like Dead Island, Black Ops Zombie mode, Left For Dead, and of course the Resident Evil series. Unfortunately for the most part the gaming industry has been flooded by subpar games spun off of what we would consider great shows. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct was a flop. It featured horrible gameplay and story. They Telltale game was a little better but was horrible on consoles. Those are just examples of cheap knock off games and the reality that perhaps the “Cow is running out of milk” and we may see the decline of the genre back into the niche realm it came from.

Am I wrong? Did I upset you? Good, then prove me wrong. Make something better or push others too by not buying the crap and encouraging those that actually push the media style forward. Both in Gaming and all entertainment channels. As for World War Z… the jury is still out. Prove the critics wrong Brad.

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