World of Tanks Coming to Xbox 360

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A quiet breakout star PC game will be making its way to the Xbox 360 platform here this summer.  World of Tanks is a MMO game that was designed and developed by, a company based in Belarus.’s  World of Tanks features 30th century tanks that are each controlled by individual users, and are matched and put into battles similar to Call of Duty, with its own matchmaking system and multiple battle fiend enviroments.  The structure that makes this an intrigueing game is that you play it in both FPS an 3rd Person.  Battle and level your crews up and equip your tank as you go.

There are over 240 armored vehicles featured in this game that pull from the armories of Germany, Britain, China, The U.S.S.R. and The United States historical-modern arsenals. Recent news that the goal is to double that amount of armored vehicles and continue to expand the game has left “tankers” a buzz with excitement.  This series will soon see new life on the Xbox, while already existing in a mobile format with World of Tank Blitz, and the continuation of the PC gaming world.

The Beta is currently underway and taking applications. We look forward to trying this game out as soon as the full version is live!

Armor up bitches!

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