Type25 Assault Rifle – Black Ops 2 Preview

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Fully automatic assault rifle. High rate of fire with moderate recoil.

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Type25 Assault Rifle | Black Ops 2

Rate of Fire: There hasn’t been a COD assault rifle with a fire rate above 1,000 RPM (with the exception of the burst from the G11), so the Type25 will probably site around the 937.5 RPM mark like the Famas and Aug from Black Ops 1.

Recoil: The Type25 has low to moderate recoil that will be compounded by the high rate of fire.

Damage: The damage on the Type25 will probably be around 32 base and 24 at range giving it the lowest damage out of the automatic assault rifles. The high rate of fire should mitigate this provided your shots are on target.

Range: The Type25 has the worst range out of the assault rifles and is not great even compared with the sub machine guns. Even on small maps there will be many times the enemy will be out of reach without firing several extra rounds.

Accuracy: The low accuracy makes the Type25 questionable for most engagements where you do not have the element of surprise.

Magazine Size: The Type25 will most likely have a standard 30 round magazine and a 45 round extended mag. This is not reassuring given the rate this weapon spits bullets.

Reload Speed: Bullpup assault rifles have typically had very good reload speeds in previous games and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Type25 come in at 2 seconds or less.

Usage and Notes: There have been a few people praising the Type25, but the current stats don’t point to this weapon being the next Famas or Aug. It is at best a heavy sub machine gun with very little advantages besides better penetrating power and potentially better attachments. In close quarter engagements, draw speed and mobility are going to provide the edge to sub machine guns over assault rifles.

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