Twitch Streamers You Should Watch: November Edition

POSTED BY DirtyMoney November 16, 2016 in DestinyGaming News, Playstation 4, Streaming, Twitch,
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As the streaming community continues to grow there are a lot of great streamers stepping into the space and growing their channels with viewers and subs. We enjoy finding streamers that have a niche and put in the work to grow the base an entertain in their own unique ways. This month we take a look at several veterans and a new streamer on the scene out of the Scuf Optic Gaming House. These Streamer rep from all over country, whether they’re in Kansas City, Chicago or Philadelphia, we think you should give them each a shot and see why they are entertaining to watch!


This dude and his squad roll Black Ops 3 hard. Not only does he kill it in game, Scuf is hilarious to watch as one minute he’s screaming at his opponents and the next laughing with his chat about something random. One of our favorite moments was when he was eating the disgusting flavored jellybeans every time he had a new sub. The fear in his face and look of disgust after was priceless. This stream is perfect for chill COD fans wanting to watch a master at his craft and enjoy a laugh. ScufJumpn is a member of the Denial Stream Team and partnered with Twitch. Check out his Twitter!


One of the most interesting streamers on Twitch, in our book, Skyhook and her boyfriend, Ryan and their pack of dogs are bringing Art and Gaming to the Creative section of Twitch. Many times you will find Skyhook painting for her stream. Oils meet modern day themes with Star Wars, The Walking Dead and other popular topics gracing her canvasses. When she’s not streaming she models and is a popular Suicide Girl. Be sure to check this stream out for a great change of pace from traditional gaming streams. For her art, modeling and and interesting discussions check out her Twitter.


Ally, the General Manager for Denial, brings a high energy along with a mouth that keeps the pub kids at bay as she lays wasted in various games. Streaming Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, H1Z1, World of Warcraft, CS:GO, MineCraft and many other games, Ally keeps her stream interesting by changing it up and keeping it fresh as well as introducing her subs and followers to games they may have never played. With plenty of stream games and Sub Sundays, Ally keeps it fun! Check out her Twitter and stay on top of her various streaming hours!


Hitchariide, or Davis, is the Videographer for Optic Gaming. When he isn’t working on the his weekly projects, you may find him on Twitch in the evenings doing what he loves best, playing classics. Hitch loves the throwback beats, styles and of course games. Catch him playing Modern Warfare 2 with friends, droppings kids and dabs for fans. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for his daily Vlogs!


Holly, the better half to Optic Gaming’s COD team member, Karma, is a Game Battles fiend who spends hours daily playing wagers in 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 in Black Ops 3 matches. She has been known to be a Destiny fan as well. When she’s not giving away Astro Headsets and chatting with her subs in her Discord channel, she spends time with her real match up, her daughter Bella, who graces her moms stream regularly. Holly keeps it real and backs it up in game. Don’t believe us? Follow her Twitter and catch her next stream!

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