2017 Top Five Xbox One Accessories For Gamers

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It’s that time of year when we look back at the top gear we’ve used on our current Xbox One system. We test all gear and make sure they are up to our standards before we even share it with the gaming community.  Here are our Top Five Xbox One accessories we think you need to start the gaming year out right!

Gunnar Vinyl
1. Gunnar Vinyl (Crystalline Lens)
Gunnar has been a preferred gear provider to #GSEG since our start.  They produce high quality gaming eye wear that brings your optic experience to the next level. We have reviewed the Intercepts and Vaypers and were not disappointed when we took a close look at the Gunnar Vinyl Crystalline Lens set.  This was our first look at the clear tint and we enjoyed in in both the console and PC gaming experience.  Do your eyes a favor, especially after long weekend sessions throwing down online? Add a pair of Gunnars to your essential gear.


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2. Microsoft Xbox Remote
The Xbox One Remote is a perfect alternative to have to turn your Xbox controller on every time you are wanting to jump from Netflix to your tv, or jump over to your favorite Twitch TV gamer when you’re burned out on getting owned in COD… You know you’ve been there! This remote is perfect. It become activated as soon as you pick it up. There is not button to push. The controller lights up as soon as you touch it and you can move around the Xbox One interface with ease. Its easy for non gamers to use so they don’t get there greasy hands all over your gaming controller. Shouldn’t they be in the kitchen making you and your friend some meatloaf anyways?


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3. Engergizer Xbox One Recharge Station and Packs
This is an essential piece to your gaming experience.  You have got to keep those controllers charged.  The Energizer 2x Charging System provides an easy way to never have to put the game on hold and wait.  This includes a charging base and two battery packs to help you quickly exchange and get back into the game. This is a must have.


4. ASTRO Gaming A50 Xbox One Headset
This is the ASTRO A50 premiere gaming headset that is featured by many professional games around the world. You’ll see these bad boys pop up at the major MLG Events and heavily featured by YouTube Video Gamers. This set comes with an adapter for your Xbox One Controller and features a mix amp to best optimize the sound.  This is a spendy set so keep reading if you are looking for something less than $100.


Xbox One, Headset, #GSEG, #GetSome Elite Gaming, Review5. Microsoft Xbox One Headset
The standard two ear Xbox One Headset is in our view the best bang for your buck under the $60 mark. It features rich sound and is a comfortable over the ear alternative to high priced headsets.  It also includes the Xbox One adapter so you will be set to go out of the box once you updated your controller!

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