Top Five Video Game Releases of 2013

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It’s about that time of year when we get in to the heart of release season! That’s right, and this year seems to be the year of franchises.  It’s hard to see a lot of up and coming games with the plethora of the successful, large budget (and company) games that are spewing out this year but we here at GSEG tried to take a look at them and see what excites us so far!


Gears of War Judgment- the Gears of War franchise has been a hugely successful building a deeply devoted following to this over the years and should be a great action filled story. We’ll see if this game continues this great legacy or is truly brings an end to what was once a groundbreaking game series.

Bio Shock infinite- Another of the large franchise games that follows former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt as he attempts a rescue through the nostalgic and familiar world to save Elizabeth in 1912.

Tomb Raider: The Final Hours- The reboot to the Tomb Raider series starts March 5 as the world of Laura Croft is re-imagined and put in front of the gaming world. Gamers of all ages have played this series and this game will be popular as these fans are excited to see the new visual world of Tomb Raider and if they adventure is still there!

South Park Stick of Truth- Any South Park fan/Gamer will be in heaven as you become a customizable character in the story and fight evil with the boys as they journey on an adventure.  Cartman will be your player guide in preparing you for what lies ahead.  As you can tell we are looking forward to this game.

Grand Theft Auto 5- Ah yes, yet another sequel to a popular game.  It takes a dedication to the GTA gaming style to really engross yourself in it and be successful. This game tends to draw in dedicated gamers from all groups.  Hit the streets of Los Santos and see if GTA5 lives up to its predecessors.

On the Bubble: God Among Us, Injustice, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Defiance, Deadpool

Things we are waiting to see announced: 

Call of Duty Release- No word yet but likely to arrive in November and hopefully be played on the Xbox 720!

Battlefield 4 Release- This game has been privately viewed and is reported as being “absolutely stunning” on the Playstation 4.  More details to come as soon as we hear about it!

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Top 5 Video Game Releases of 2013 | #GetSome Elite Gaming


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