Top FIVE things we LOVE about Forza 5!

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT July 17, 2013 in Game ReviewsThe #GSEG Clan, Xbox, Xbox One,
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As the #GSEG Clan preps for the upcoming onslaught of new games we find ourselves getting a bit giddy over the prospect of the next chapter of Forza.  Forza 5 takes the finesse, feel, look, and straight grit of racing to the next level in console gaming with its arrival to the Xbox One.  There’s nothing quite as relaxing and fun solo or with  your clan as dropping down your Ferrari on Laguna Seca and leaving your boys in the dust!

So what are the five things that we are excited about now that we know a bit more info on the release:

#1 Open Wheel Cars: The arrival of open wheel cars for the first time in any Forza franchise game!  Thats right, there will be an assortment this style of car with several 1970’s Formula 1 cars as well as Indy style from that era!

#2 Laguna Seca Confirmed: thats right the beloved track of the #GSEG Champion Driver “The Stig”, has been confirmed independently to be included in this game which isnt a suprise since it is one of the premiere “Real Life” and “Virtual Tracks.”  This course drops serious turns on you that can throw an unskilled drive to the wall with a simple drift miscalculation.  We love that its already confirmed.

#3 Added Headlights: Yes folks the arrival of headlights and daytime running lights has finally made it to the Standard Forza game family.  This was part of the Forza Horizons game but we’ll overlook that slight fact and look forward to seeing how this affects our gameplay and driving style.

#4 Detail of Cars: There are so many possibilities now that the new console allows Forza detail and effects to really up the game value. Tire smoke, specks of dirt, backfire and extreme detail to the paint and look of your car should make for a visually stunning game.

#5 Every Car is Fresh and new: Thats right stat freaks, the data and statistics from the entire previous inventory of Forza is gone and the every car will be reevaluated and broken down into the new Forza for Car Buildout.  WE are excited to see how they all stack up against one another!

So there you have it.  We wait in anticipation because when it comes to console racing Forza 5, for Xbox One only, is by far the elite game of choice for #GetSome Elite Gamers!

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