Titanfall: The birth of NextGen Gaming

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT March 28, 2014 in Electronic ArtsGame Reviews, Titanfall, Xbox, Xbox One,
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So we’ve been spending the last week and a half exploring the much needed step in gaming that we all have been waiting for.  Don’t worry, we aren’t completely smitten head over heals in love with it but, to be honest and upfront, this game is fun.  That’s right, the core of gaming is to bring something fun to the consumer that enthralls them.  Titanfall is that game.

There’s something about a game that leaves you saying, “just one more game!” It’s hard to stop and put that controller down. So what do we like?

Titans: The Titans are an amazing addition to the FPS gaming world.  These behemoths enter the game for you to ravage enemy pilots and Titans at will.  With full customization and killer animation we dig the fact that you can wield this beast with ease and are able to maneuver and switch between the pilot feel quickly. And we love they are not overpowered.

Pilots: The pilot is a hybrid of COD(FPS feel), Halo(jetpack feel) and Star Wars: Battlefront.  You move quickly and have the ability to jet jump twice before hitting the ground and can run for a bit on walls till gravity finally takes hold of you.  An awesome variety of weapons to choose from make the Pilot a force to be recon’d with by all, including Titans.  The pilot has an arsenal of Titan killing weapons to wield doom with.  It’s good to be a pilot!

CPU controlled Bots: While we love a good mano y mano fight, the addition of the bot players adds a fun chaos battle feel that makes each game feel like there is and intense fight going on.  Its fun and while the bots suck at fighting its a great overall addition to the multi-player feel.
Only negative that we came across in this game is the lack of/last second pieced together campaign.  It’s not a campaign so don’t get your hopes up. It’s essentially several missions for you to play against live players with a partner. Don’t be mad bro, you know the real reason you bought the game was the Online Game-play. Put on your big boy pants and get online and enjoy the epic blasting, exploding, splatting, throwing fun of Titanfall.


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