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POSTED BY DirtyMoney May 5, 2016 in Gaming News
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Call of Duty: Infinite

Infinite Warfare, Settlers Defense FrontInfinity Ward, The makers of the successful Modern Warfare series and the latter Ghosts, has announced the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be its newest release in November. Much of the COD community was dismayed to find another futuristic looking game that takes us even closer to Halo like environments. And lets be honest, we all saw the jet packs. Whether that is only in Story mode we do not know. There was a repetitive teaser voice inserted across social media that continuously blasted, BOOTS ON THE GROUND, which has led some to hope this means the death of Halo Jumping in COD. The only plus to this release is the COD 4 is slated to be remastered and included with the Infinite Warfare. #Prayers

#GSEG Apparel Partner

Gaming,, Tees, Shirts, Gamer GearWe cannot tell a lie. We have partnered with one of the hottest Tee and Apparel sites out there to bring our upcoming gaming tees and #GSEG shirts direct to you. That’s right, is bringing the best in gaming threads. Get on this quick. Whether you want designs on top quality tees or are looking to heat things up with a hoodie, our designs will be popping on whichever you decide. Feast your eyes on a classic, I’d Rather Be Gaming tee, and shirt up!

100 Thieves Organization Launches

Nadeshot, 100 thieves, King Papey, Gaming, CODCall of Duty’s most popular retired gamer, Nadeshot recently announced that he had acquired the surprise season 2 qualifying team, King Papey, and was immediately launching is own gaming organization and brand known as 100 Thieves. to add to that he announced the the NICKMERC Twitch gaming group, one of the premiere streaming squads was also joining his org and he would be continuing to branch out into different games and areas as his brand grows.


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