This Week in Call Of Duty: October 28

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Call Of Duty Blackops Live Action Trailer Premiere
Live action video premiere for Blackops 2 

Yes! Call of Duty shared via their twitter that on the 29TH of October at 7am they will be premiering the Blackops 2 Live Action Trailer! We will have it here as soon as its live! Stay tuned!!!!!


Ultimate Kills Streak Setup:

Predator Missile
Our clan members have been increased their kills and gone straight up HAM with this setup.

If you are a an aggressive style player then try it out the next you are on and watch the kills stack up.



Epic Blackops 2 Zombie Wallpaper
Blackops 2 Zombie Wallpaper, Epic Zombie,
A great new blackops 2 Wallpaper has been making waves at Deviant Art. Justsayinsayin shared this! Click here for the full image! 


Fail Shot/ Win Shot of the week from around the web!
I don’t think words can describe how great this shot is! Enjoy.

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