This Week in Call of Duty: The State of COD, Where do we go from here?

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This year has been an intense year for the First Person Franchise Call of Duty.  Having two hits that were played by millions across the planet.  Modern Warfare 3 exited and the premiere game in November but was the main focus by many gamers for much of 2012.  In it we found accuracy and skill to be tested more so that any prior Call of Duty game.  Whether good or bad, there was much more focus and reflex needed to mast the Sniper rifle and single shot weapons. We also saw the death of the running knifer in this game.  Which in its own you could say that Modern Warfare had grown up a bit. Guns were realistically more deadly that the knife.

We also saw a strong presence of cheating and tampering.  Lag bots and Aimbots were a favorite for those fail players that had no skill and wasted the time of legit play.  We put up with it because the other aspects of the game were fun and there was always the hope that Infinity Ward would address it.  They didn’t.

A New Hope: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was announced and we all were excited for the newest release by Treyarch.  With claims of “No Tolerance” and better game play, we were all seduced by the idea of a clean slate and fresh start free of the cheaters. We were gravely mistaken.  Since the release Call of Duty Black Ops 2 has been the worse cheating/botting gaming experience of the franchise.  Which we have discussed here but must state again, Treyarch! If you want you keep your players ditch the cheats.  Spend money and deal with them!

Aside from the cheating, the unbalanced weapons and knifing issues really add to this more arcade-ish feeling game.  There seems to be more aim assist and les about accuracy but just pointing in the main direction. Its fun without bots but really what has Black Ops 2 done to progress First Person Shooters and the COD franchise?

I would say positively the league play has been fun and the added class customization is great! But these in its self do not make up for the ultimate fail by Treyarch to run clean Multi-player games.

So where do we go from here? What can we expect in the next installment?  There has to be some accountability but the studios producing and running these games.  Reach out and let them know what you want to see!

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See you next year Gamers!


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