This Week in Call of Duty: The Girlfriend Experience

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT November 28, 2012 in Blackops 2Cheaters, Game Reviews, Game Strategy, Gaming "FAILS", lulz,
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Fail, Gamerfail, Die, #GetSome Elite Gaming, Black Ops 2, Call Of Duty #GetsomeBots: Lying to yourself
Yeah it’s happening.  You don’t want to believe it but more and more the plague of fail spreads throughout the matches as no skill players who can’t compete decide to give up and pay to essentially not play anymore.  But at least they feel better about themselves.  Essentially they are paying for the
“Girlfriend Experience” because they have no game and need some sort of affirmation.  But all good things must come to an end and all you get left with when you’ve been banned, blocked and have to ask your mom for a different credit card so you can start a new account, is a lonely basement eating top ramen out of a crockpot that you haven’t cleaned all week. Play the game or go outside and enjoy some sun.  Either activity is a step up from the fail you have become. FUCK CHEATERS!!!

#Free the Pound#

Free the Pound, #GetSome Elite Gaming, Black Ops 2, Call Of Duty #Getsome Not too much to update yet here with Treyarch holding the symbols hostage. Refusing to address the issue gets you no where Treyarch!  @DavidVonderhaar, Let us keep our Call of Duty Elite Tags! We implore your logic.  Keep Call Of Duty consistent between Call of Duty Elite and Blackops 2 . Why turn off legit players?


MK 48, Call of Duty Black ops 2, Xbox, #Getsome Elite Gaming, Getsome, Gun, LMG, Light Machine GunCan you dig it?
One of the things that I have really been digging is the complete customization that I have over my character. Specifically over my MK 48.  The Light Machine Gun has been so burdensome and hindering in most Call of Duty games. Their slowness of action and inability to run is a turn off to many in the COD Community. Black Ops 2 changes that.  There are so many things you can do to customize you weapon and increase your mobility.  My MK 48 is a beast and I enjoy it in domination and Kill Confirmed game modes.  Try it out for ten rounds next time you have some time to kill.  You’ll find yourself enjoying it and your accuracy going up. That is, if you don’t get bot’d.  #Justsayin!

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