This Week in Call Of Duty: November 5

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New Call of Duty Elite Site

The Call of Duty Elite website was updated this week with a news  interface that is less jumbled and easier to navigate.  There are many things we like about this set up, the layout, ease of use, landing pages and login and my favorite, SITE SPEED! Head over to Call Of Duty Elite and check it out


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Enter the Knifed
Running class fans such as myself are excited for the arrival of the latest Ballistic Knife in Black Ops Call of Duty elite.

In Black Ops, the early version featured an extremely accurate knife that was deadly to run with not only as a last defense weapon but as a straight forward offense class that gave you the option to shoot or a great reflex stab motion that was an instant kill shot to those in its vicinity!

One more week and we’ll see if the latest knife matches in devastation to its predecessor.

Stab on!

We can’t wait to get you more Black Ops 2 info as it comes out in our next edition! As always, RAGE ON!


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