This Week in Call Of Duty: Fails and Follies Edition

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT April 20, 2013 in Blackops 2Treyarch, Xbox,
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Xbox Live Goes Down: Not in a good way!
There are few things that piss us off more as gamers than the failure of either a game provider providing what they boasted to be offering or that of a gaming platform failing to meet its monthly financially agreed upon services.  Last weekend I was hit with a double whammy as you all well know Black Ops 2 has been a Multi-player Rage/frustrated Nightmare straight from the fires of hell but to follow up that ongoing issue our dear friends at Microsoft and Xbox sucker punched us.

In the midst of the much anticipated double XP weekend were hit with a 5-8 hours outage for gamers across the globe.  With Microsoft giving very little actual data and communication.  They essentially said its broke.  Be back soon. No worries bra… and left us all stranded.   Not the best way to keep your customers happy especially after such a horrible fiasco they had recently with the “Always On” fail programmer.
Microsoft needs to get their Xbox Live division sorted out before they go the way of Electronic Arts.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Map Pack Release: Uprising
Tuesday we were graced with the next installment of Black Ops 2 Maps from the Treyarch “creative” design team.  And by creative we mean, “Meh!”  C’mon guys… really?  Yeah, we are all excited to play one of the best maps you have made in Studio which is a re-skinned version of Firing Rage, from the original Black Ops.  This map is fun and a great way to relive the glory of a previous game. Now, as for the rest of the maps they are a bit of a let down. They do bring a lot of space and movement which allows Assault Rifles to be used more but as far as creativity goes, this is nothing new or ground breaking in the world of design.  They feel a bit “done already” and kind of like Vonderhaar and friends mailed it in this time around.  In the past this has been a strong area for Treyarch.  #JustSayin

Double Weapon XP Weekend is Live!
As seems to be standard for Treyarch, It is Double XP Weekend in Black Ops 2.  If you can handle the dark side of the game(aim-bots, lag-bots and boosters) this is a great time to get all those guns you’ve been avoiding, leveled up.  Good hunting!

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