This Week in Call of Duty: Double XP Weekend

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT January 23, 2013 in Blackops 2Game Strategy, Modern Warfare 3, Treyarch, Xbox, Xbox 360,
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That’s right all you bloodthirsty, “pwn” happy spawn trolling players! Double XP weekend has been announced. Cancel your spa treatments. Send the kids to Grandma’s for the weekend. Convince your girl that she needs to take a trip to with her crew the that place they always talk about… you know… that place right? It’s Double XP weekend and the only thing that you need to worry about is if you still have the current numbers for Buffalo Wild Wings and Papa Johns programmed into your speed dial.
There is much cause for celebration but let’s temper it a bit by remembering that with great XP opportunities comes great numbers of cheaters/bot’s/asshats. This weekend could be a weekend of glory for your clan or the weekend you finally rage enough to fling the disc off the balcony into the dark abyss. We hope you avoid the latter.

Another thing we are stoked about here is the mad skill that #GSEG has been rep’ing in the Demolition and Mosh Pit game modes. Strategy and teamwork has helped us roll out on the mix mash of players that step up to battle. While we enjoy destroying you we got to give props to those legit players who play the game the right way. Some even besting us. Keep it up! We’re still gunning for you but you also get our respect for playing the game.

On a final note… you got game and want to roll with #GetSome Elite Gaming crew? Fill out an app and we’ll check you out. Thanks for checking in with us here and remember… go HAM or go home.

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