Swatting: The Next Level Gaming Troll

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT September 22, 2014 in !ROFLCOPTER!Gaming News, lulz,
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Apparently the epidemic of swatting is catching on as “gamers” take a new direct out of game attack to a new level.  Check out the latest hooligan, acne faced ragers in action-

The calls to 911 raised an instant alarm: One caller said he shot his co-workers at a Colorado video game company and had hostages. Another in Florida said her father was drunk, wielding a machine gun and threatening their family. A third caller on New York’s Long Island claimed to have killed his mother and threatened to shoot first responders.

In each case, SWAT teams dispatched to the scene found no violent criminals or wounded victims — only video game players sitting at their computers, the startled victims of a hoax known as “swatting.”  Continue Reading…

All we can say is… seriously?  Grow a pair and join the real world.  Step outside once in awhile.  You might find it refreshing.

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