Strategy Tactics for “DOMINATION” Game Mode

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT January 31, 2013 in Blackops 2Game Strategy, Xbox, Xbox 360,
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Domination! Capturing the B flag first on gives your team an early advantage on any map by gunning straight for the middle flag, not to mention the obtaining the “Opening Move Medal”. Because it can only be earned once per round, this Medal awards a 200 Score and 500 XP. The first few moments of a new match can chaos! No worries, we got a few Black Ops 2 “Domination” tactics that can make the sprint a bit less painful.


Perks like Dexterity, Lightweight and Extreme Conditioning clearly improve your movement speed, but there is another way to increase your mobility without using up any “Create A Class” points. Your weapon selection plays a big part of your movement speed, for example running with an lighter SMG.

If you see a clear path to the flag but are wielding a slow-moving LMG, switch to your Combat Knife and race in for the cap. It’s a bold move, and requires that you don’t have a secondary equipped, but the time saved can make or break the game by assisting in a capture or losing out completely.


Use the Tactician Wildcard, equip both the Smoke Grenade and Trophy System. Pop your smoke over B and drop the Trophy System once you close in on the flag. With some help from your teammates, chances of a cap improve dramatically. Want additional protection against enemy fire? Think about the Assault Shield to absorb bullets while completing the capture.


Strategic defensive Perks like Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask can help you survive those additional seconds needed to complete a flag capture. Even if you prefer offensive loadouts, it never hurts to have a class with high survivability in reserve. The extra defense can mean the difference between a win or loss when the enemy team is pushing your flags or if you need to push on theirs.

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