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Back in the old days… 2000’s  one of the best shooters on Xbox(no 360) was Star Wars Battlefront.  Countless hours were spent talking trash, ridiculous sniping and kill streaks and utter destruction of weekend free time. Yesterday  EA announced that they are officially rebooting Star Wars: Battlefront, which was teased earlier this year.  So far all we know is that the trailer looks epic, there is a proposed release date targeting somewhere in the summer of 2015.

This game release is the perfect aid to kicking off the next series of Star Wars films that are also set to begin in 2015.  The previous big realm release was The Old Republic, which was a disappointment overall to mid-hardcore MMORPG gamers.  It simply left a lot to be desired and lack of in game content.    Trust me… I tried to love it.  Star Wars and Dice are going back to the root of success with the Battlefront first person shooter model.

The Force is calling us back once again… damn those Midi-chlorians!

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