SIG556 Assault Rifle – Black Ops 2 Preview

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SIG556 (SWAT-556)

3 round burst assault rifle. High damage output in each burst.

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SIG556 Assault Rifle | Black Ops 2

Rate of Fire: The SIG556 will probably have a similar burst rate to the M16 from Black Ops 1 (937.5 per burst and 450 RPM overall). This weapon will mostly likely be eligible for the select fire attachment as well.

Recoil: The SIG556 appears to have a low recoil on par with burst fire weapons from previous games.

Damage: The SIG556 has a much higher damage rating (around 46 base and 35 at range) than the M8A1, but shoots one less bullet per burst. It only has slightly less damage than the semi-automatic assault rifles and will probably be just as deadly.

Range: The SIG556 has incredible range, matched only by the SMR in the assault rifle class.

Accuracy: The high accuracy, range, and damage make this a clear winner for long distance engagements.

Magazine Size: The SIG556 will most likely have a standard 30 round magazine and a 45 round extended mag.

Reload Speed: There are no real direct comparisons from previous games, but given the reload speed of weapons like the M16, the SIG556 reload time will probably fall in the 2.0 – 2.5 second range.

Usage and Notes: Given that there is a real world SG 500 Sniper variant, and after reviewing the potential stats, this weapon is prime for long range combat. It will be interesting to see the comparison between this weapon and the semi-automatic assault rifles. It will also be interesting to see how this weapon handles in actual gameplay and whether or it is tweaked/nerfed like the Type95 was in MW3.

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