SCAR-H Assault Rifle – Black Ops 2 Preview

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Fully automatic assault rifle. Increased damage and range.

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SCAR-H Assault Rifle | Black Ops 2

Rate of Fire: Due to the higher damage and range, the SCAR-H rate of fire will probably match SCARs from previous games at 650 RPM.

Recoil: The rate of fire and damage points to the SCAR-H having moderate recoil, slightly above most other assault rifles.

Damage: The SCAR-H should have a base damage of about 46, dropping to 35 at range. This is the highest damage of any fully automatic assault rifle, but the lower rate of fire puts it back on an equal playing field in terms of damage per second.

Range: The range is also one of the highest for automatic assault rifles, but the recoil may hamper long distance shots without firing in bursts.

Accuracy: The accuracy of the SCAR-H is slightly lower than average, but this gun is not designed to be a close quarters weapon.

Magazine Size: The SCAR-H will most likely have a standard 30 round magazine and a 45 round extended mag.

Reload Speed: The reload time will probably be similar to past SCAR assault rifles, around 2.85 seconds.

Usage and Notes: The SCAR-H is clearly being presented as an LMG alternative, possibly even more so than in previous games. However, with a lower penetrating power and smaller magazine compared with LMGs, the SCAR-H may be limited to being used only until better long range assault rifles are unlocked.

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