SA-58 Assault Rifle – Black Ops 2 Preview

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Semi-automatic assault rifle. Light recoil with moderate damage.

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SA-58 (FAL OSW) Assault Rifle | Black Ops 2

Rate of Fire: Like in previous games, this semi-automatic assault rifle will probably be capped at 625 RPM.

Recoil: While the notes state that the SA-58 has low recoil, it still may be moderate compared with other assault rifles given the semi-automatic fire.

Damage: While the SA-58 doesn’t take the top spot for assault rifle damage, it still packs quite a punch with an estimated 50 base damage and 38 ranged damage.

Range: The range is also excellent on this weapon as is expected with a semi-automatic assault rifle.

Accuracy: With the highest accuracy of any assault rifle, the SA-58 is the clear winner for accurate mid to long range engagements.

Magazine Size: The real world gun the SA-58 is modeled after has a magazine size of 20 rounds, but there have been rumors of it being as high as 25 rounds in game.

Reload Speed: Past semi-automatic weapons such as FN FAL have had reload speeds of around 2.7 seconds.

Usage and Notes: While not the most powerful semi-automatic weapon, the SA-58 has a slight advantage in terms of mobility. This extra speed combined with the low to moderate recoil and precision accuracy may make this weapon the perfect hardcore go to gun. It could still be a favorite for all game types but may be left in the shadow of its SMR big brother or the very capable burst fire assault rifles.

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