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One of the most anticipated and favorite (according to a #GetSome Elite Gaming poll) features in the Revolution DLC for Black Ops 2 is the Peacekeeper SMG. Being the first downloadable weapon, it has already garnered a huge following, but is it warranted? How good is this weapon and what are the raw stats?

The Peacekeeper is immediately unlocked when you download the Revolution DLC and even though it is a sub machine gun, it doesn’t really affect SMG camo progression or calling cards. The in-game stats are listed as the following:

  • FIRE RATE = 12/20
  • DAMAGE = 8/20
  • RANGE = 10/20
  • ACCURACY = 14/20

There is a lot of confusion as to what those numbers mean in terms of real gameplay scenarios, so we will break down each category.


The base fire rate on the Peacekeeper is 720 RPM. This puts it on par with the PDW and MSMC. With rapid fire, this jumps to 900 RPM, although some blogs, forums, and YouTube video report this as high as 1136 RPM (due to differences in frame rate and performance between consoles). This low rate of fire immediately puts the Peacekeeper at a disadvantage in the sub machine gun class, as it weakens it effectiveness as a close quarters spray and pray weapon.


The base damage on the Peacekeeper is 33, dropping down to 18 at range. However, due to the incredible range on this weapon, the practical lower end damage is closer to 24. What this means, is that you will get a kill with 4 bullets up close and 5-6 bullets at range. With the headshot multiplier, this drops to 3 bullets up close and 4-5 at range. While this damage profile is on par with weapons like the Vector K10, Chicom, and Skorpion EVO, the low rate of fire gives it the slowest time to kill out of any sub machine gun.


The range on the Peacekeeper is the longest out of any sub machine gun and on par or better than most assault rifles. This means that you are going to be hitting your max damage in almost all scenarios, and it allows you to put on range reducing attachments like the suppressor or rapid fire, without cutting the damage too drastically.


The Peacekeeper has a low ads recoil, on par with the TYPE25 and M27 assault rifles. Its recoil is slightly less than other sub machine guns, although the Chicom and PDW57 come close. The recoil is mostly vertical and quite predictable. The hip fire spread is also low on this gun, outdoing all other guns, even some that have the laser sight attachment. This incredible accuracy helps keep every precious shot on target and helps even out its fire rate and damage deficiencies. With rapid fire attached, the ads recoil increases to high, as well as reducing the range by 60%.


With a 30 round standard magazine (+90 rounds reserve), the Peacekeeper’s ammo is much more in line with an assault rifle rather than a sub machine gun. With extended mags, this improves to 40 rounds. The reload time is moderate at 2.08 seconds, but with the small magazine, you will find yourself reloading often. Being a sub machine gun, the Peacekeeper has the same run speed, knife speed, and penetration as other sub machine guns, but has a slightly slower aim down sight time of .24 seconds (vs .22s on SMGs and .25s on Assault Rifles).


  • Best sub machine gun range, on par with assault rifle range
  • Amazing accuracy, recoil, and hip fire spread
  • Sub machine attributes (run speed, ADS, etc.) with an assault rifle build


  • Worst damage per second/killing time out of all sub machine guns
  • Low ammo capacity and only moderate reload speed
  • Lack of assault rifle penetration


  • Mid to long range objective gameplay. Head to head battles will result in frequent deaths due to the slow time to kill.
  • Good benefactor for range reducing attachments such as suppressor and rapid fire.


  • Peacekeeper vs M27 – better ADS and hip fire spread and slightly better damage at range, slower RPM (= lower kill time)
  • Peacekeeper vs MSMC – better damage at range and better accuracy, slower ADS and lower close range damage
  • Peacekeeper vs PDW57 – better damage at range and faster reload time, smaller magazine and lower close range damage


Silent Support

This support class uses stealth and mobility to flank objectives and take out equipment while still staying viable in an assault capacity. Use the Peacekeeper’s range to your advantage to outclass other SMG players.

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Peacekeeper Silent Support | Black Ops 2 | #GSEG

Mid Assault

This class allows the Peacekeeper to shine, but it takes a patient player. You are well equipped for any scenario at multiple ranges, but keep back and let players with close quarters SMGs or shotguns rush or clear rooms.

Peacekeeper Mid Assault Loadout Perks, #GetSome Elite Gaming, #GSEG, Peacekeeper, Peacekeeper SMG, Strategy, review, stats, #Legitimate Rape, gamer, gaming, video games, Xbox, CoD, Call of Duty, BO2, Black Ops 2, GSEG, perks, tactics, Revolution DLC, SMG, submachine gun, fire rate, damage, range, accuracy, xbox 360, multiplayer

Peacekeeper Mid Assault | Black Ops 2 | #GSEG


The Peacekeeper is a powerful weapon at range, but suffers at close range where all other sub machine guns shine. This weapon rewards careful and accurate players who want a little more flexibility and mobility than the assault rifles provide. #LegitimateRape #GSEG


  • Hid ya kids! Hide ya wife! The Peacemaker is the new Sheriff in town.

  • Holy breakdown Batman!!! Amazing job Zircom!

    I personally LOVE the the PK!

    I run 2 setups: The 1st is silent with rapid fire and the silencer. Perks are dual Perk 1’s: Blind Eye and Lightweight. Perk 2: Scavenger (which I used a prestige token for) and dual Perk 3’s: Extreme Conditioning & Dead Silence.

    The 2nd PK class I run is LOUD using “Primary Gunfighter” w/ fast mag, rapid fire and the grip. Perks are dual Perk 1’s: Blind Eye and Lightweight. Perk 2: Scavenger (which I used a prestige token for) and Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning.

    This weapon with “rapid fire” is purely UNSTOPPABLE!!!!

  • Can I be in your clan

  • ME I AM A M27 MASTER,the PEACEKEEPER is like the rival for the M27 infact the SWAT with select fire rate,grip,and any sight you can easily take down that PEACEMAKER infact i already did. i have taken down snipers,heavy gunners,and even trolls with my DIAMOND M27. Freind request me if you wish on PSN, although i must say the PEACEMAKER has great strenght,so yeah the M27 has some competion

  • I’m a sniper/camper, and the pkeeper has given spray and prayers a sniper complex, and assault gunners a run n’ gun complex. If I’m up against multiple targets, a peacekeeper will take me out at nearly any range, but 1 on 1 it’s not a sniper rifle. At close range, its damage per sec is low enough my combat knife will win. Just like the msmc, the pk’s barrel bobbles a bit during full auto, regardless of its statistical accuracy, which is resolved easier with a suppressor than a foregrip, but the M27 and type25 still bobble 0, these are the two guns I go to, with great success, when facing a room full of peacekeepers with sniper complexes. I am not blindly judging, my peacekeeper is at max level, and here is my verdict.
    – The PK does well at medium range against a map full of subs and shotguns, such as Slums, Plaza, Standoff, and Grind. At long range, use your team mates to distract snipers and assault rifles. Best used as an alternative for assault gunners who are tired of getting hip fired when negotiating tight spaces.
    – Just like every gun in the game, if used for what its built to do, it can easily bring in 18-30+ kills a match, and just like every gun in the game, whoever aims faster and truer wins…period.

    • Yeah, the peacekeeper is not designed as a 1 on 1 weapon. I think a lot of people are using it right now because of the DLC, but it doesn’t fit every play style, and I have seen a lot of players get into trouble because of that. Like you said, you have to use it for what it’s built to do in order to be effective.

  • You’re “Mot” the Droids we’re looking for. Move along, move along.

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