PDW-57 Submachine Gun – Black Ops 2 Preview

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT November 12, 2012 in Blackops 2Game Reviews, Game Strategy, Xbox,
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Fully automatic submachine gun. Highest rate of fire in class.

Rate of Fire: Previous Scorpion/Skorpion variants have ranged in rate of fire from 857 RPM to 1090 RPM. Considering that it specifically states that this weapon has the highest rate of fire in its class, it will most certainly be closer to the 1090 RPM amount.

Recoil: The high rate of fire and low accuracy rating points to this weapon having a moderate to high recoil.

Damage: The Skorpion has the lowest damage (estimated 28 base and 14 at range) but this is offset by having the highest fire rate. The damage per second will be on par with other submachine guns provided that you can stay on target.

Range: The Skorpion also has the lowest range of any submachine gun which hinders its already poor damage. However, this means that you can probably slap a silencer on it without it affecting much; it’s not like the damage can get much worse.

Accuracy: Like the range and damage, the accuracy is so poor it’s laughable. This weapon is designed to be a bullet hose, but good luck controlling it.

Magazine Size: The Skorpion will probably have a stard 30-40 round magazine which won’t last long at 1000+ RPM. And with the low accuracy, range, and damage, you will need every bullet.

Reload Speed: Based on past models, the reload time will probably be around 2.4 seconds; one of this gun’s few savings graces.

Usage and Notes: While there is a lack of machine pistols in Black Ops 2, the developers clearly still wanted a spray and pray bullet hose weapon. With the right attachments, this weapon could be a deadly hip fire or run and gun weapon, but in most practical situations you will want it shelved for something better.


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