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    Star Wars Battlefront Teaser

    Back in the old days… 2000’s  one of the best shooters on Xbox(no 360) was Star Wars Battlefront.  Countless hours were spent talking trash, ridiculous sniping and kill streaks and utter destruction of weekend free time. Yesterday  EA announced that they are officially rebooting Star Wars: Battlefront, which was teased earlier this year.  So far all we know is that the trailer looks epic, ...

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    World of Tanks Coming to Xbox 360

    A quiet breakout star PC game will be making its way to the Xbox 360 platform here this summer.  World of Tanks is a MMO game that was designed and developed by, a company based in Belarus.’s  World of Tanks features 30th century tanks that are each controlled by individual users, and are matched and put into battles similar to ...

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 July Patch Released

    Are you ready to be stoked that Treyarch is finally dealing with all the really important issues that have plagued this game from day one? Yeah that was a joke as was this patch.  Just the basic addition of a six personalization packs to rip us off with.  Also the newly nerf’d AN-94, DSR 50 and Ballista.  And of course a plethora ...

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    VIDEO: “Strapped Wit a Whut” – Black Ops 2

    Roll with #GetSome Elite Gaming’s “SarinGasFelon” and “GSEG DirtyMoney” in some Domination gameplay on the latest Black Ops 2 “VENGEANCE” DLC map UPLINK. OFFICIAL #GESG team straight steam rollin’ headz… “Strapped Wit a Whut!” “OUR TEAM IS UNBEATABLE. THE STADIUM STAYS!” #GetSome “we shoot, you die, end of the story. end of your legacy, end of your glory!” Music via Ruste Juxx ...

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    Top FIVE things we LOVE about Forza 5!

    As the #GSEG Clan preps for the upcoming onslaught of new games we find ourselves getting a bit giddy over the prospect of the next chapter of Forza.  Forza 5 takes the finesse, feel, look, and straight grit of racing to the next level in console gaming with its arrival to the Xbox One.  There’s nothing quite as relaxing and fun solo ...

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    Telltale’s The Walking Dead: 400 Days

    One of our earlier reviewed games was the Telltale Series chapter one entitled: The Walking Dead. We reviewed this game via the Xbox 360 Console. While we found the story and graphics to be interesting and entertaining, it was completely ruined by the fact that it lagged and froze throughout the entire game and at multiple times crashed. This obviously caused serious game ...

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    *GIVEAWAY* Pair of GUNNAR Optiks “VAYPER” Gaming Eyewear

    #GetSome Elite Gaming is  proud to be partnered with the GUNNAR Optiks, the elite eyewear provider to the gaming industry. We have reviewed several models (VAYPER and INTERCEPT) and we cannot stop raving about the benefits the fresh lenses bring. They reduce the strain on the eyes, which as gamers we all know what the gamer headache is all about. 8 hours ...

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    lol David Vonderhaar lol

    If you have read any of our posts since the release of Black Ops 2, you probably have a good idea of how #GetSome Elite Gaming feels about David Vonderhaar. Let me first start out by saying that this post does NOT reflect the opinions of every member of the GSEG family. These are my (SarinGasFelon) personal opinions of VONDERHAAR! I could ...

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    ELUX 500 Watt 5.1 Surround Sound System Review

    When it comes to gear and having a great setup we look for equipment that can stand up to the challenge that the #GSEG gamer will put on their system. We want quality gear for that lives up to its hype. This month we spent a lot of time testing what we feel is the perfect audio system for a gamer that ...

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    New Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC – “VENGEANCE”!

    Activision and Treyarch confirmed Tuesday that Call of Duty: Black Ops II is launching its latest DLC map pack on July 2.  First on Xbox Live, with PS3 and PC versions to following at a later date. As is the traditional method. Vengeance features four new multi-player maps and a new Zombie mode with Ray Gun Mark II that looks pretty sick! Cove: A ...

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