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    Xbox One March System Update

    The long anticipated Xbox One Update is here! Yes, Microsoft has heard your cries of anguish as we all raged for the last few months since launch.  The shoddy party functions if you were lucky enough to make it that far.  Half the time you couldn’t even get a party started let alone make it to the party menu.  Some things in ...

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    Call of Duty Elite Shutdown: Turns Out the Lights

    With the heightened anticipation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 the COD world was hit with a double whammy as the Call of Duty Elite Social and Clan Platform preempted its arrival. This new arrival allowed huge advancement in statistical breakdowns of everything involved in your multi-player gaming ability.  Allowing you to evaluate not only your play but also the weaponry, ...

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    Call of Duty Ghosts: “Price Is Coming!”

    That’s right folks, the Call of Duty community was surprised by a mysterious social share today that left us with exhibit A; a meme featuring the beloved character, Price. Who is Price? Captain John Price, call sign Bravo Six, was a British special forces soldier featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of ...

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts January Patch

    Its that time gamer’s!  The latest Call of Duty Map Pack, Onslaught is out.  And with that comes the whole new set of updates focused on a variety of fixes, patches, and most importantly anti-cheating measures.  Unlike its counterparts at Treyarch( VONDERHAAR!), Infinity Ward goes to battle for the legit gamer’s in its constant battle against those who ridiculously attempt to cheat. ...

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    Xbox One Help: Game Stuck On Black Screen

    Paging #GetSome Xbox One Tech Support…  The Issue: Several #GSEG’ers ran into a major error with their Xbox One’s as they were just about ready to dive into the latest COD Onslaught map pack.  Upon updating their games they selected the game from the Xbox One home menu and waited for it to load up.  The initial Call of Duty: Ghosts Game ...

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    Gears of War Franchise Acquired by Microsoft

    The news broke yesterday that the Gears of War world may not yet be complete.  It appears that Epic Games, creators of the Gears of War Franchise, has sold its flagship game and all the rights for it to Microsoft Studio.  Following the acquisition it was noted that Black Tusk Studios, based in Vancouver B.C. will take over all development and design ...

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC

    The first installment of Ghosts Expansion Pack is here.  Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC 1 Onslaught hits XBOX on January 28th.  With the traditional four map pack, Extinction Episode one: Nightfall and the Maverick Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle, you will have a plethora of new content to feast upon.  let’s break it down: Mulitplayer Maps- Fog: Classified-  this medium sized map ...

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    Twas the Night Before Ghosts

    Twas the Night Before Ghosts Twas the night before Ghosts when all through the house Not a non gamer was stirring not even my louse of a roommate The headphones were hung by the chimney with great care In hopes that COD Ghosts soon would be there; The dogs, wives and children were drugged in their beds While visions of “Pwnage” danced ...

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    VIDEO: “YOUR DEAD” – Quickscope Montage

    YOU, the fans and the haters requested some #GSEG “Quick Scope” clips… and we ALWAYS deliver! “ipunchpenguins5” is just ONE of our BEAST’s behind a sniper rifle. “penguin” is a dedicated #GetSome Elite Gamer that straight bags bodies after bodies as you can see in this Black Ops 2 gameplay footage “YOUR DEAD”! For all those that think they can hang… we ...

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer World Premiere

    Activision announces that they are excited for the new generation of hardware.  Gaming has changed in the platforms.  Smartphones, Youtube and livestreaming has changed the console. A lot has changed since the current platforms started.  Call of Duty has lasted.  100 million have played it.  40 million this month and 10 million today. Why is COD successful?  Unlocking the inner soldier in ...

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