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    Postcards From #GSEG’s vacation: VONDERHAAR!

    Sarin Gas Felon sent us a postcard from the beaches of Florida… Apparently even there he’s unable to escape his sworn mortal enemy, Vonderhaar! But from the looks of it now its seems “frienemy” would be more appropriate. Oh Florida, you never seem to disappoint us! ...

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    WWE 2K15 Sting Launch Video!

    You remember smashing and crashing the ring with the classic wrestlers of yesteryear’s while your royal rumble turned into an all vs. one wrestling match? We do too.  Now its been a  bit since we here at #GSEG have danced with the devil and entered the ring but that’s not gonna stop us from loving the latest premier video for the upcoming ...

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    Goodbye Neversoft: Thanks For The Ride!

    Neversoft, founded in 1994, had been bringing us high quality games for decades.  Any gamer would recognize the eyeball logo instantly.  With hits like Gun, Guitar Hero and the Tony Hawk series, Neversoft has left its mark on a community and industry that sees a lot of brands flame out quick.  Neversoft has been a pillar.  So with with that, Neversoft is ...

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    Official Halo 5: Guardians Trailer

    To find him you have to do more than walk in his footsteps…  That’s right, Master Chief is back and we are definitely arguing here at #GSEG if its going to be worth our time or not.  We have a few devotees in the ranks and will be watching with eager anticipation as we take a look and see what 343 releases ...

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  • Destiny Beta is upon us. That's right kids, the much anticipated leap forward for Bungie is drawing nigh... are you ready to get in on this action? Check out the Destiny Beta Trailer now to get a sick glimpse into the next evolution of Xbox One Gaming. Enjoy!
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    Destiny Beta Trailer

    Destiny Beta is upon us.  That’s right kids, the much anticipated leap forward for Bungie is drawing nigh… are you ready to get in on this action?  Check out the Destiny Beta Trailer now to get a sick glimpse into the next evolution of Xbox One gaming. Enjoy! ...

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    Halo 5 Guardians Game Announced

    Microsoft and 343 Industries have officially announced Halo 5 Guardians to the public! So here is what we know so far about the future of the Halo game franchise: Release Date: It looks like the target date will come about next year in the fall.  Generally most big franchise games arrive in October and November.  It is suprising that it is so ...

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    Xbox One April System Update

    Well it looks like in keeping with true Microsoft fashion, they have released the latest round of fixes that have been pushing out live over the next couple of days.  They are all much needed in getting this system up to date and finishing the product.  Yeah… we know they pushed this system a year too early.  Obviously they didn’t user test ...

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    Forza 5 ForzaTune App Review

    One of the joys and frustrations of playing Forza 5 is the in depth tuning options available when building your vehicle. Usually fans fall in to two categories; those that relish the experience of tuning and spend hours tweaking their cars for every track individually, and those that just want to go race immediately and not worry about spinning out and crashing. ...

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    Titanfall: The birth of NextGen Gaming

    So we’ve been spending the last week and a half exploring the much needed step in gaming that we all have been waiting for.  Don’t worry, we aren’t completely smitten head over heals in love with it but, to be honest and upfront, this game is fun.  That’s right, the core of gaming is to bring something fun to the consumer that ...

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    Titanfall Release Starts With a #Fail

    It’s the night of Titanfall. The new venture into the multi-player that showed great promise has had a bit of a hiccup right out of the gate. In fairness the game play we are seeing is pretty epic for speed and creativity.  Looking forward to the issues fixed over the next few days. Below you’ll see the official statement from the Titanfall ...

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