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    Black Ops 2 – Xbox 360 Update Now Live!

    The latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 update for the Xbox 360 has been recently released by Treyarch and is now available to download for those awaiting fixes to a number of issues encountered within the game. No patch notes concerning this have been released yet, but we have an insider that informed us that it will be addressing problems with ...

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    Nuketown 2025: The Treyarch Bait and Switch?

    One of the main selling points that Call of Duty Elite pushed was the benefit Nuketown 2025 and how the “Most Popular” map ever in the COD Franchise would be available to those that pre-ordered the game. What a selling point… except merely the next week our beloved Nuketown disappeared. After becoming accustomed to the Moshpit of Nuketown 24/7 multi game bonanza, Treyarch ...

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    This Week in Call of Duty: Stand Up And Be Counted

    Week One: Launch This has been a great week for Call of Duty with the release of Blackops 2 but we all must step up as gamers in this community.  They only way bots get banned is if they are reported.  Yeah, it takes time but in the end if we take care of this threat and backup Treyarch and COD with ...

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    Treyarch’s Fatal Error: Black Ops 2 Clan Tags

    One of the benefits of Call of Duty Elite is the great features that were first introduced with the arrival of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. It was exciting to work together and get the much coveted Gold clan tag. Repping your clan, each and every game. Feared by noobs, who would flee lobbies when seeing a group all blinged in ...

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    CHICOM CQB Submachine Gun – Black Ops 2 Preview

    CHICOM CQB 3 round burst submachine gun. High cyclic fire rate allows for fast consecutive bursts. Rate of Fire: Like other burst weapons the Chicom CQB will probably have a burst rate of fire of around 1,250, but could have an overall rate of fire of 525 or high considering the statement about fast consecutive bursts. Recoil: With a decent accuracy rating and the ...

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    MSMC Submachine Gun – Black Ops 2 Preview

    MSMC Fully automatic submachine gun. Increased range and reduced recoil. Rate of Fire: As this gun has some of the best all-around stats of any submachine gun, the rate of fire will probably fall on the lower end of the 750 RPM to 900 RPM range. Recoil: All evidence points to this gun have low and very manageable recoil. Damage: The MSMC ...

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    PDW-57 Submachine Gun – Black Ops 2 Preview

    PDW-57 Fully automatic submachine gun. Highest rate of fire in class. Rate of Fire: Previous Scorpion/Skorpion variants have ranged in rate of fire from 857 RPM to 1090 RPM. Considering that it specifically states that this weapon has the highest rate of fire in its class, it will most certainly be closer to the 1090 RPM amount. Recoil: The high rate of ...

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    Halo 4 First Look Video – Part 1

    #GetSome Elite Gamer “Zircom1” dusts off the old battle rifle and heads back to Halo 4 in part 1 of #GetSome Elite Gaming’s Halo 4 First Look. Learn about the Halo 4 multiplayer and some of the brand new weapons, vehicles, and maps. Look for part 2 soon, highlighting the new Spartan Ops mode, and part 3 next week featuring highlights from ...

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  • Detailed analysis of the MP7 Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Submachine Gun. Discover the best COD weapons with #GetSome Elite Gaming’s in-depth weapon reviews.
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    MP7 Submachine Gun – Black Ops 2 Preview

    MP7 Submachine Gun. Fully automatic personal defense weapon. Versatile and strong overall. Rate of Fire: Based on past games, the fire rate will probably be somewhere between 895 RPM and 950 RPM. Because of the relatively high damage, rapid fire may provide less of a benefit than other guns like the MP7 experienced in MW3. Recoil: The MP7 has always had a ...

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    Podcast Episode 1: Clothing Optional

    In this episode: Calmay ponders waking up for the episode Holywood Dd1 misuses soundboards Call of Duty Blackops 2 Halo 4 Video game movies and tv shows What this podcast is about SarinGasFelon hate of all things Halo! [display_podcast] Enjoy the episode and let us know what you think! ...

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