Nuketown 2025: The Treyarch Bait and Switch?

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT November 20, 2012 in Blackops 2Playstation 3, Treyarch, Xbox 360,
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One of the main selling points that Call of Duty Elite pushed was the benefit Nuketown 2025 and how the “Most Popular” map ever in the COD Franchise would be available to those that pre-ordered the game. What a selling point… except merely the next week our beloved Nuketown disappeared.

After becoming accustomed to the Moshpit of Nuketown 24/7 multi game bonanza, Treyarch took it down. WTF! We had no warning.  It was gone.  In its wake we were left with the regular multi-player modes and the arrival of the AIMBOTS(which we’ll save for a later time).

An outcry on Twitter ensued with intense gamer’s loudly voicing their shock and anger.  Why would we pay early for a week’s worth of Nuketown.  Had Treyarch officially gone the way of corporate bait and switch? The next day the plot was revealed as stated by Treyarch:

Just launched a new fast-action playlist in the Bonus Category called Chaos Moshpit. Back by popular demand: Nuketown 2025!

That’s great and we got no problem with the playlist style but c’mon.  Did you really plan on a new game list or were you quickly countering the anger that you caused in the FIRST WEEK OF LAUNCH! Get your act together and put yourself in the gamer’s shoes.  Are you that detached from your customers that you didn’t realize this would be a huge negative issue?

We’re rooting for you Treyarch but you got to hold up your end of things. Excel in it or be replaced.

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