“Nuketown 2025” Black Ops 2 Gamer Tee

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT April 25, 2013 in Gaming Gear ReviewsPlaystation 3, The #GSEG Clan, Xbox, Xbox 360,
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One of the great things about the gaming community is the actual ability to experience design and style and take it to an out of game experience.  With the intricacy and detail that companies put into their design it seems only fitting that that transfer to the real world.

The thing I dig most in the gaming world is…. Wait for it….. NUKETOWN!  That’s right!  Nothing is more relaxing than laying down LMG hell on that map and racking up those kill streaks.  It’s the one thing in Black Ops 2 that I enjoy. So it seems only fitting that when an epic print made in the theme of Nuketown 2025  by one of the talented artists on Redbubble, I would have to have it!  And thus it was so.

I was excited when the package arrived at the door.  Redbubble sends their shirts in a great plastic logo’d mailer that is perfect for your product.  Inspecting the shirt upon opening it you can tell the t-shirt is a whole different level than your run-of-the-mill freebie shirts that fall apart.  The shirts are printed American Apparel t-shirts that are 100% cotton and fit well with a great feel.

Next thing to check was the print itself.  I had chosen the Nuketown shirt that featured the name and year of 2025, which is the current map on Black Ops 2.  Above the text is the nuclear radiation symbol.  It looks pretty epic and I was very happy.  Already having washed it several times, there is no visible sign of fade or any construction issues.

So, when it comes to gaming apparel the first place that this Gamer will recommend is Redbubble.com.  Support talented artists and get geared up fellow console warriors!

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