MTAR Assault Rifle – Black Ops 2 Preview

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Fully automatic rifle. Versatile and strong overall.

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MTAR Assault Rifle | Black Ops 2

Rate of Fire: Real world TAR variants like the MTAR range from 750 RPM to 900 RPM. It’s hopeful that this number would be closer to the 900 RPM range putting this weapon on par with the Famas and Aug in Black Ops 1.

Recoil: Because of the balanced nature of the MTAR, the recoil will probably be low to moderate and may be a source of tweaks in the future to keep it from becoming too overpowered.

Damage: The MTAR has above average damage (43 estimated base and 32 estimated at range) and potentially an above average rate of fire. This combination makes it one of the most efficient assault rifle killing machines.

Range: The MTAR has a balanced range that should work fine for all but the most open maps.

Accuracy: With an excellent range and an even better accuracy rating, the MTAR will be at home at just about any distance.

Magazine Size: The MTAR will most likely have a standard 30 round magazine and a 45 round extended mag.

Reload Speed: The reload speed might be an area that could balance this gun with the other assault rifles, but it probably won’t be much above 2.6 seconds.

Usage and Notes: This looks to be an extremely versatile weapon capable of handling just about any situation. It has similarities with the Famas, Aug, and Commando from Black Ops 1 which would put it at the top of the leaderboard in just about every category except extreme long range combat. It appears that this may be the last weapon to unlock, and for good measure; this is going to be a gun to watch out for.

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