MSMC Submachine Gun – Black Ops 2 Preview

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT November 12, 2012 in Blackops 2Game Reviews, Game Strategy, Xbox,
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Fully automatic submachine gun. Increased range and reduced recoil.

Rate of Fire: As this gun has some of the best all-around stats of any submachine gun, the rate of fire will probably fall on the lower end of the 750 RPM to 900 RPM range.
Recoil: All evidence points to this gun have low and very manageable recoil.
Damage: The MSMC has the highest damage of any submachine gun, clocking it at an estimated 50 base damage and 25 at range. This not only beats out all submachine guns, but also all but two assault rifles.
Range: The range on the MSMC is above average for submachine guns, but quite a bit lower than most assault rifles. This helps keep the incredible damage on this weapon from being too overpowered.
Accuracy: The accuracy on this weapon is at the top of the pack for submachine guns (along with the PDW-57) and should be perfect for almost any situation.
Magazine Size: The MSMC will probably have a standard 40 round magazine, jumping up to 54 rounds when extended.
Reload Speed: Like other submachine guns, the MSMC will have a reload time in the 2.7 second to 3 seconds range.
Usage and Notes: If any gun looks to be overpowered from day one, this is it. With a high accuracy, low recoil, high mobility, and awesome damage, the only two weaknesses are a low range (compared to assault rifles) and a potentially slower rate of fire. Both of these issues could be augmented with attachments, making this weapon incredibly deadly at any range and in any situation.


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