MP7 Submachine Gun – Black Ops 2 Preview

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT November 9, 2012 in Blackops 2Game Reviews, Xbox,
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Submachine Gun. Fully automatic personal defense weapon. Versatile and strong overall.

Rate of Fire: Based on past games, the fire rate will probably be somewhere between 895 RPM and 950 RPM. Because of the relatively high damage, rapid fire may provide less of a benefit than other guns like the MP7 experienced in MW3.

Recoil: The MP7 has always had a relatively low recoil, and from the very average accuracy and range ratings, it will probably stay that way for Black Ops 2.

Damage: The MP7 has one of the higher damage ratings for the sub machine guns and will probably have a base damage of 43 dropping to around 22 at range.

Range: The range on the MP7 is average for sub machine guns, but only half as good as many of the assault rifles. This may be a good run and gun weapon, but will suffer at long range.

Accuracy: The accuracy on the MP7 is average as well, and combined with the low recoil could make it deadly from the hip and when aimed, until the damage starts dropping off at range.

Magazine Size: The standard magazine for the MP7 is 40 rounds. Extended mags should add another 10-14 rounds. This may be slightly above average compared to other sub machine guns.

Reload Speed: As stats and animations commonly are reused, the MP7 will probably have a reload speed of 3 seconds or higher.

Usage and Notes: Balanced weapons have been popular in recent Call of Duty games, but it is unclear if this weapon will be on par with the MW3 version. It will probably be more similar with the MP5k from Black Ops 1. Don’t ignore this weapon however; with its versatile nature and potentially early unlock you will see this weapon a lot and it would be best to get familiar with it.

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