Minnesota “BURNS” Black Ops 2 Hackers – Video

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If you don’t know Minnesota Burns and consider yourself a gamer you obviously have never been trolled by him or searched Call of Duty on Youtube.  Known for revealing how far bad gamers will go to feel better about themselves and calling them out for all to see on his Youtube Channel, He’s brought to light many issues that have plagued the COD franchise of games.

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Trollarch | Minnesota Burns

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 continues the long tradition of its predecessors for issues overlooked that allow scum to take work around the parameters of the game and alter their standing.  Just this afternoon Minnesota Burns shared a new video that shows multiple gamers in a lobby cheating the prestige system.  These fools revealed the process to him and were enthusiastic to show him what they could do.

This is a serious issue that must be addressed by Treyarch and they need to understand the damage that these “issues” are doing to the credibility of their game and the frustration of their legit gaming crews.

BIG UPS to Burns for getting this out there and keeping up the good fight! Now its time to do your part. Share, retweet, like, and report any and all cheaters. #LegitimateRape

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