M8A1 Assault Rifle – Black Ops 2 Preview

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4 round burst assault rifle. Bursts can be fired in quick succession.

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M8A1 Assault Rifle | Black Ops 2

Rate of Fire: Exact RPM is unknown at this time, but from gameplay footage, it appears to be on par with the M16 in Black Ops 1 and possibly as high as the G11. The BO1 M16 had a rate of fire of 937.5 per burst (450 RPM overall) and the G11 had a rate of fire of 1,250 per burst (525 RPM overall).

Recoil: From gameplay footage, the M8A1 appears to have a low recoil with only a moderate vertical climb throughout the 4 round burst.

Damage: If the damage values are similar to Black Ops 1, the M8A1 should have a base damage of about 32, dropping to 24 at range. While it ties the Type25 for the lowest damage for the assault rifles, the low damage should be mitigated by a high rate of fire and low recoil.

Range: The range for the M8A1 is quite poor for an assault rifle, and more on par with sub machine guns. Despite this, in gameplay footage the gun’s kill power doesn’t seem to suffer due to the quick 4 round burst and low recoil.

Accuracy: The M8A1 has moderate accuracy, on par with most of the assault rifles. Combined with the burst fire, this may make it a decent choice for quick one burst close quarter kills.

Magazine Size: The standard magazine size for the M8A1 is 32 rounds. The extended magazine should be 48 rounds.

Reload Speed: From gameplay footage, the M8A1 appears to have a moderate reload speed of around 2.8s, possibly due to the larger magazine size.

Usage and Notes: Unlike many of the other assault rifles, the M8A1 has been featured heavily in promotional videos, trailers, and commentary for Black Ops 2 since day one. It is clearly being pushed as a replacement for the M16 and possibly even the M4 or Commando with the select fire attachment. It has good stats but could suffer in mid to long range battles compared with other assault rifles. But considering the close quarter nature of many maps and the fact that this appears to be a starting weapon, you will probably see a lot of M8A1s in the early days of the game.

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