M27 Assault Rifle – Black Ops 2 Preview

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Fully automatic assault rifle. Higher mobility and reduced recoil.

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M27 Assault Rifle | Black Ops 2

Rate of Fire: The real world M27 only has a rate of fire of 640 RPM, but given the low range and damage, this may be bumped up to 750 RPM or higher in game.

Recoil: The M27 appears to have one of the lowest recoils out of the assault rifles. This should make it a favorite with players concerned about their accuracy, and should offset the low damage rating.

Damage: With an estimated 39 base damage and 29 damage at range, the M27 is clearly in the bottom of pile for assault rifles. Depending on what the actual rate of fire ends up being in game, this weapon may only be useful in support roles or hardcore gameplay.

Range: The range on the M27 suffers compared with most assault rifles and is only moderately better than some of the sub machine guns.

Accuracy: The M27 boasts decent accuracy and when combined with the low recoil and high mobility, it may be a solid support weapon for close to mid-range engagements.

Magazine Size: The real world M27 uses up to 150 round magazines as a squad automatic weapon. This would be an impressive way to augment the M27’s low stats, but the in game mags will probably stick to the 30 stock 45 extended setups of the other assault rifles.

Reload Speed: The reload speed on the M27 will probably be about average and comparable to other assault rifles (2.5 seconds or higher).

Usage and Notes: This is an interesting weapon that at first glance seems out of place in the assault rifle category. It has excellent mobility and accuracy, but seems to be better suited as a support LMG than a direct combat sub machine gun. This may be a good option for players trying to support their team in objective based gameplay or as a fully automatic option for hardcore games.


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