lol boosters boosters lol

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT February 26, 2013 in !ROFLCOPTER!Blackops 2, Cheaters, Gaming "FAILS", The #GSEG Clan, Treyarch, Xbox, Xbox 360,
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Check out these two rocket scientists, KeeP Riskyy & Tr1ck sh0t Br0 we found boosting during some Black Ops 2 gameplay last night!

Never have we seen SO much outright cheating and boosting more than we have in the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 2! To make matters worse, NOTHING is being done about it! Before the games release, David Vonderhaar stated that the Treyarch team would be policing cheaters like they never have before. We are starting to think that just means that they never really have before, so why start now?!?

Do your part and help make the gaming community better! Drop the banhammer and report cheaters, boosters and any other dirtbags trying to cheat their way to “Master Prestige”!

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Ban the Black Ops 2 Cheaters | “lol boosters boosters lol” | Banhammer


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