“INCOMING!” – Care Package FAIL

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT January 9, 2013 in !ROFLCOPTER!Blackops 2, Gaming "FAILS", Xbox, Xbox 360,
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GAMER FAIL: This fellow thought it was a good idea to try and steal SarinGasFelon‘s care package, but he had a bit of a “derp” moment as he stood right under the incoming Sentry Gun that was his demise. To add to “Masinizzpro‘s” (notice he has pro in his gamertag… lulz) epic fail, it also turned out to be the game winning kill. Let’s just say the entire Black Ops 2 lobby was LOL’ing for the rest of the evening. #GetSomeEliteGaming #LegitimateRape #GSEG

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