*GIVEAWAY* Pair of GUNNAR Optiks “VAYPER” Gaming Eyewear

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#GetSome Elite Gaming is  proud to be partnered with the GUNNAR Optiks, the elite eyewear provider to the gaming industry. We have reviewed several models (VAYPER and INTERCEPT) and we cannot stop raving about the benefits the fresh lenses bring. They reduce the strain on the eyes, which as gamers we all know what the gamer headache is all about. 8 hours in and you are squinting because the strain is too much. GUNNAR has you covered. GUNNAR wants you to experience the their Glasses and have decided to join let us giveaways a great new set to the #GetSome Elite Gaming community. The winner will receive 1 pair of GUNNAR Optiks “VAYPER” gaming eyewear along with some extra goodies courtesy of the GSEG crew! The winner will be announced within 48 hours after the end of the contest. Submit as many entree as you can by the deadline of  July 23rd  at 1pm EST!!!

There are multiple ways to enter and we encourage you to get at it. GUNNAR has a great social network called the Guild that is a lot of fun and oriented for the gaming and GUNNAR community to interact and share with each other. Joining the GUNNER Backplane Guild is MANDATORY and will get you a lot of entries! Follow and share on social networks to get even more entrees!

#GetSome Epic Gamer Gear!

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