POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT November 8, 2012 in !ROFLCOPTER!Cheaters, Gaming "FAILS", Modern Warfare 3, Xbox,
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so we happen to be recording last night and caught these two dirt bags boosting on my favorite map (GULCH)! SarinGasFelon stepped in to the corner to reload his MK-14 and “iTz Geico” decided to block him in and tell his buddy “DBESTEST” where he was so he could come kill SarinGasFelon and continue on with a 43-10 game.
Video to follow soon. Take a minute to report these fucktards and get them removed from xBox… again! Their xBox live accounts are directly linked. FUCK CHEATERS! #GetSome #LegitimateRape #GSM

cheaters, MW3, CoD, Call of Duty, Modern Warefare, Gulch, iTz Geico, DBESTEST, MK-14, xBox, #GetSome, #LegitimateRape, #GSM

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