EA turns to the Netflix model?

POSTED BY DirtyMoney July 29, 2014 in Electronic ArtsXbox,
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One of the things we love about Electronic Arts is their various attempts to milk their customers, fans and gamers out of every last cent possible.  We get it, you hate the people that support you.  They share games, sell them when they are done or bored and they have the nerve to play online and not expect an online gaming fee on top of the Xbox fees… Yeah, I still haven’t forgotten that EA, you and your attempt to milk me just so I could play Madden.  It wasn’t worth it then and this new reiteration isn’t worth it now.

So what is this new model? EA announced a new subscription service called EA Access for the Xbox One that gives gamers unlimited access to four games to start with. Also it will entitle you to getting early access to new games that you buy.  Get it.  You buy the game but get to play it a couple days before everyone else who bought the game.  IT IS NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR MONTHLY FEE.  You are essentially paying to play old games that you didn’t buy in the first place. Whether the game sucked, you didn’t have the money or its a burned out game franchise its clear to see whats happening here. This is EA’s attempt to get you to drop another $60 a year on games you didn’t want in the first place.

So you are 13  years old and you grabbed your moms debit card number while she was making you hot pockets, what can you look forward to with this new found game changing service?  Strap on cause its about to get crazy with amazing offers like Fifa 14, Peggle 2, Madden NFL 25, and Battlefield 4.   Yup…  enjoy those games that don’t matter anymore.

Once again EA pretends to be doing us a favor to get us to open our wallets for crap.  Better luck next time EA.  We can’t wait to see what your next “snake oil” idea will be.



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