Destiny Beta Review: We Love It!

POSTED BY DirtyMoney July 24, 2014 in BungieDestiny, Game Reviews, Gaming News,
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I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical playing anything that had been touched by the “Halo” world when I first got my download key.  After installing the Destiny Beta I still put it off for a day and opted for hotlaps on Forza 5. Finally it was time.  And that’s when it all changed. From the very start of the game I was sold.  The customization of your characters race, gender, looks and facial features left you feeling like you had stepped into to something different than the FPS we’ve all grown weary of here at #GSEG.

I went through the first tutorial and after just a few minutes I was good to go weapon wise.  One thing to remember for all you Call of Duty players, if you want the COD controller scheme make sure to select Green Thumb from the options menu after the tutorial.

After play through a few more missions and getting my character level to six I stopped and took the whole game in for a moment.  The graphics were beautiful.  It really feels like the first game truly made for the XboxOne that was smooth to play, felt good in movement and action and had a new story for gamers to experience. A new “Dark” cult-ish enemy hell bent on destroying you.  I loved the ability to run through missions as a “Fire Team” party or solo.  Getting to play with your friends of any level is a nice effect. The character abilities so far a great and one thing that stood out to me was the double jump (Titanfall) and the powerslide (COD: Ghosts) that are featured in this game.

This game is incredibly refreshing. In essence it feels like a wonderful combination of the Traditional First Person Shooter, re-imagined and designed, meeting an open world of WOW and Fable, and the mission/party feel of Halo.  That description isn’t doing it full justice because I feel its a new step for gaming and am extremely excited to see what it offers even more in the full game which is available for pre-order now for release in September!

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