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If you have read any of our posts since the release of Black Ops 2, you probably have a good idea of how #GetSome Elite Gaming feels about David Vonderhaar. Let me first start out by saying that this post does NOT reflect the opinions of every member of the GSEG family. These are my (SarinGasFelon) personal opinions of VONDERHAAR!

I could easily write paragraph after paragraph on why I think David Vonderhaar is a douche, but I’m not going to do that. He does a great job of making himself look like a douche on his own. Instead, I just wanted to put out a few bullet points on “Davie V” is my favorite guy!


  • David Vonderhaar clearly avoids the main issue of Black Ops 2 multiplayer – Since the jump, Vonderhaar stated that he and Treyarch will be policing online play and PERMANENTLY banning players caught “cheating”. The game continues to get worse with an overwhelming amount of lag switchers, aim bots and boosting. Don’t make promises you cannot fulfill. This has been the last thing on the Vonder-Arch agenda and has/is completely ignored every patch release.
  • Patch Releases  – I understand that patches are a necessary part of any video game, but how about focusing on fixing the problems?!? “Nerfing” weapons multiple times is not a major issue. When you first developed this masterpiece of crap, you setup each weapon with it’s unique pros and cons for a reason. Why would you then take additional development time and resources to change your dream?!? Is this just another way to deflect the main issue of hacks?!?
  • Milk That Cow – On the topic of deflecting people from the games main issue, camp Vonder-Arch comes up with a whole new way to squeeze more money out of Black Ops 2 players. I am not talking about the release of new map packs. I am talking about the release of Custom Camo Packs. << ROFLCOPTER!! I understand marketing and obviously everyone is trying to make a little bread, but seriously?!?! Purple Zebra camouflage!!!!!

FACT: Every time a Custom Camo Pack is purchased, 1 child in a 3rd world country dies!!! *may not be an actual fact*


I honestly could go on for days on how horrible of a job David Vonderhaar has done and how he is solely destroying the Call of Duty franchise! I will leave those for future posts for you to think about as you get ready to purchase the new “VENGEANCE” map packs!

Can the “Black Ops” franchise be saved???? Let me know what you think!

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