CHICOM CQB Submachine Gun – Black Ops 2 Preview

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT November 12, 2012 in Blackops 2Game Reviews, Game Strategy, Xbox,
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3 round burst submachine gun. High cyclic fire rate allows for fast consecutive bursts.

Rate of Fire: Like other burst weapons the Chicom CQB will probably have a burst rate of fire of around 1,250, but could have an overall rate of fire of 525 or high considering the statement about fast consecutive bursts.

Recoil: With a decent accuracy rating and the burst fire mode, the Chicom CQB will probably have a low to moderate recoil.

Damage: The Chicom CQB has one of the lowest damage ratings (32 base and estimated 16 at range), but the fast burst rate of fire could negate this and make it one of the best weapons for one hit kills (to head, body will still probably take two bursts).

Range: The range of this weapon is on the lower end as well, but considering that there are several burst assault rifles, this gun is designed for hip or close quarters bursts, not long range shots.

Accuracy: The accuracy on the Chicom CQB is average and definitely not its strong suit. However this could easily be augmented by attachments.

Magazine Size: The Chicom CQB will probably have a 40 round magazine standard and a 54 round magazine with extended mags.

Reload Speed: Like other submachine guns, the Chicom CQB will have a reload time in the 2.7 second to 3 seconds range.

Usage and Notes: This will be an interested weapon to try. I keep imagining shooting from the hip with a three round burst like the pre-patch MW3 Type 95; and I hope it functions in a similar fashion. This is such a mediocre weapon however that it may be limited to specific scenarios rather than a submachine gun to grab every match.

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